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A moment of breath.

I have some material and am working to fulfill what orders I can until I can receive what I need to finish all pre orders. My health is definitely been a issue and the economy has not helped. Even though I had planned to release new models this year I will be taking a much needed break after all pre orders have been filled. I need to focus on my health and recovery before I go any further with anything. I also need to organize and prepare to start back up the right way.I will return again next year with new item's available. I am learning how to do the metal etchings because one of my suppliers went out of business and did not fill the order I placed. I will deal with that and recieving either the order or my money back when I can get the time. I hope all of you are staying safe in these troubled times we are in and I pray for all of us that we can find stable grounds in life for us all.

We The People.

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