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Issues with Materials

As we all have seen and know the world around us sadly effects affects us all on several levels including Materials,Logistics, and food among other needed resources. We can spend hours on the topic and still reach almost the same conclusion. I myself am feeling this. I have been informed that one of the main needed materials will be available again around the end of May and I have placed a significant order for this. It is the Polyurethane Resin that I need to manufacture the kits. Please bare with me as we navigate through this troubled world and society. I feel it will someday come back to normal. I have also had to increase prices slightly to reflect the inflation of these materials so I apologize and as soon as they decrease so will the prices of kits. I work full time as a Machinist to support my family and self. Anything from this only keeps the business itself going. I chose to do this because I wanted to give back to the hobby and not take. I am a modeler too which I feel help's. My health is starting to improve and I am thankful. I return on the 21st of May for another injection in my right eye. I start my insulin pump in May as well, on the 16th to be exact. Blood sugar control has drastically reduced the issues and I am thankful. Once I have filled the remainder of the pre orders I will take a much needed break to finish projects and work on my layout. I model Pomona yard in Greensboro NC during 1984 to 1996. This was when I grew up watching train's. Anyway I hope all stay well and be blessed and safe in your Journeys.

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Greg, We all feel the pain of material shortages. I, too, am glad you are on the upswing healthwise! I am in no rush whatsoever.

Take care and stay well, everything will fall into place in time

Rich Christie



Glad to hear that your health is getting better! And I'm glad your eyes are healing as well.

It's a real courtesy to your customers to let them know that you have a material shortage which impacts your deliveries. I've had a bad experience with a shop out east that left me hanging for 3 MONTHS leaving it up to me to inquire about the status of my order - I cancelled it!

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