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Pre orders and my eyesight from my diabetes

I had to go to the eye doctor yesterday and I received not only treatment but upcoming issues that I have no choice but to address next year. For those who know me know I am fighting with type 1 insulin dependent diabetes and it has caused Diabetic Retinopathy that has come from stress and uncontrolled diabetes. The insulin I was on stopped working and caused severely high blood sugar levels and eventually issues with my vision. To make it worse the COVID-19 pandemic and now inflation has either closed businesses I used to get needed part's for the kits or drove the price way up beyond anything I believe anyone thought would happen. I have kept my price as low as possible and today I received the decals for the Ventilated boxcars and the Gondolas and have been told that I will start receiving the resin after the 4th of July so if you have them pre ordered they will start shipping soon. I will continue until all pre orders are fulfilled. The remainder of the NKP/W&LE Boxcars will finish shipping in the next few weeks with all 275 kits being finally fulfilled. The original Wright trak instructions will be included. Now back to the start of this. I said I would no longer do pre orders but next year I will have to have surgery to restore and keep from losing my vision. So I have decided to offer some of the asked for kits before I do. Those requiring metal etchings are not being offered until I finish learning how to do them. With this being said I have updated my inventory to show what is being offered. August of 2023 is my surgery date because I have to get it finalized for short term disability where I work at Progress Rail/Caterpillar which used to be EMD, yes I make locomotive part's and engine's, that is my career. About two months prior to the surgery I will take everything to out of stock and will take needed time off to recover, heal and get things done that I need or want to finish. I am not sure when I will get back to manufacturing resin kits but eventually I will, with that being said this is your opportunity to get any kit you have wanted, missed, or are interested in at the moment. Please do not email me or message me asking when it will be run again or can I still get one because I will not be able to respond. This is your opportunity. I have a little under one year so from the time of this until then consider this you're opportunity. Be blessed, be safe and have a great 4th of July.

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Greg, Again, your health first. Glad you are making progress. I, too, have been having health issues. We just got to keep doing what our doctor's ask. I am pulling for you, buddy



Jun 29, 2022

I would like to see the Southern Railway Radio Control car. I need 3-4 of them.

Jun 29, 2022
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