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Update about the surgery

I went to the eye doctor on the 15th and thankful to find there was no Retinal tearing however I thought I would be able to avoid the shots in my eyes but it was not possible so they did an injection in each eye. I returned on the 23rd and proceeded with the lazer surgery which I thought the injections were painful but the lasers hurt more. Not sure if it was because of not being numbed enough but I flinched which you are not supposed to do and they had to start over, this time they really numbed my eye. They were able to do 30% in my right eye and I am to return in two weeks for more. Not excited about it at all but thankfully enduring this will keep me from going blind. They will do both of my eyes but right now they are focusing on the right eye because of how bad it is. I didn't post instantly because I feel really horrible from all of this. I am also thankful for everyone who has supported me and sent prayers for me. It means so much to me to have the support I am getting. Growing old definitely sucks but having the ability to grow old is truly a blessing. I am very bored because I am not able to model or build and it's been very hard to just stop. We as modelers just can't stop and we are never done however I hope that I will be back at it soon. Sorry to rumble on and probably make no sense at all. I am very thankful that I am starting to see a little more than red across my pupil. I will update soon and in a few weeks I will be back getting more laser done.

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