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Update for Eye issues

Yesterday I went to the Eye doctor and found I have bursted blood vessels that caused bleeding in the pupil. I have to sleep at a 30° angle at night, no bending further than the waist and no heavy lifting to have the blood settle to check for Retinal tearing. She said it doesn't look like this but it's a just in case check. I will have to have lazer surgery and an injection in my eye. I went to my endocrinologist this morning to see if I can get my diabetes back under control. I have been switched from lantus to Toujeo @ 100 units each night and trulicity once a week to bring down and stabilize my blood sugar and to continue to lose weight and carb count for using fast acting Humalog. I wish to thank everyone for their support and as my vision comes back I will finish the instructions and get the kits to everyone who has them ordered. Everyone have a blessed day and a wonderful weekend.

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