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Update for my health and order status.

Good morning all, I truly hope everyone is having a blessed day and staying safe. I have been very focused on getting my diabetes back under control and my vision as close to what it was as possible. I go February 8th to get and learn a Tslim X2 with G6 CGM. I go February 15th to have laser on my right eye which it and the fact that I am on a insulin that is working and helping control my blood sugar is bringing my vision back. I am starting to feel like myself again. I have also been able to cast and package kits for shipping and would like to give everyone a better ETA for recieving tracking for delivery on the orders so let's jump to it.

1.ACF 2700 hopper, by the end of February all orders will be shipped.

2.NKP/W&LE boxcar, by the end of February all orders will be shipped.

3. Illinois Terminal/N&W C34 caboose, by the end of February beginning of March all orders will be shipped

4.NYC/PC/conrail caboose,all orders will be shipped by mid to end of March.

5. Southern Railway Bay window caboose, all orders will be shipped by mid to end of April early May.

6. SAL V9 Ventilated boxcar, all orders will be shipped by Mid May Early June

7. SAL V10 Ventilated boxcar, all orders will be shipped by mid May early June.

8. 52'6" Southern Railway Gondola, all orders will be shipped by mid May early June.

These may be coming to you sooner than the dates posted and I greatly appreciate and deeply apologize for the length it has taken me to get them out to you. I will also have to find another metal etchings supplier for the etchings of the 52'6" gondola & NYC/PC caboose as they closed down permanently because of COVID-19 and what I have for the kits are all I have so these kits will not be run again for a very long time. As I stated before I will no longer offer pre orders for anything and will update quantities as I have them readily available for shipping. Thank you for all your prayers and understanding. It means the world to me and as I move forward every kit you receive will be of superior quality and with well written and accurate instructions.

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Feb 03, 2022

Thank you for the update. My prayers for your continued health Improvement! Jonathan Hocker


Feb 02, 2022

Greg, That is welcome news! Glad to hear and will be thinking of you

Rich Christie


Feb 01, 2022

Glad to hear that you health is gradually improving! That's the most important thing. Take care of yourself first, and the other things will fall into place as needed.

Kind regards,

John Alaniva

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