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Update on the Diabetic Retinopathy and issues from Diabetes

I went and started receiving Lazer surgery on my right eye, the blood is starting to clear up and even though it is blurred still in my right eye I have started back on the pre orders to get all filled before the end of the year. I was told due to the damage that has occurred in my right eye that it will take a while to fully heal and be corrected to normal.

After the very rude emails I have been getting I have taken anything I do not have in stock to out of stock. I am working on the Illinois Terminal/N&W C34, ACF 2700, & PS-0 boxcar, the V9 & V10,PS gondola, & NYC Bay window to get them to those who have pre ordered them. I am moving at a snail's pace because of how I feel from my diabetes being currently out of control and my vision loss because of the diabetes. After all pre orders have been fulfilled I will no longer do pre orders and change the quantity to show what is available for purchase. I will be taking a break also to get everything back under control. I am not feeling well and haven't been since last year. To all who have kept me in thought and prayers and have sent positive messages and kind words thank you. Have a blessed day.

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