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Where I am at now and for the future

Currently at the eye doctor and soon to have another injection in my right eye. I will have to have surgery sometime in January to remove the blood and repair my vision before I lose my sight, this has been a long and very painful experience that I am ready to no longer deal with. I am still working between my full time career and this to get pre orders out to those who have placed them. I thank you for your understanding. This is far from what I intended for this business or anything else. I will no longer offer pre orders for any existing or new offered products but instead I will update the quantity to reflect what I have ready to ship. I will be taking a break from everything to focus on my health issues which need my attention more than anything else. To everyone I know and to all who support meI thank you and I hope you have a joyous and happy holidays.

Southbound Modelworks & Decal Company is far from over.

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I went to the eye doctor on the 15th and thankful to find there was no Retinal tearing however I thought I would be able to avoid the shots in my eyes but it was not possible so they did an injection

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Yesterday I went to the Eye doctor and found I have bursted blood vessels that caused bleeding in the pupil. I have to sleep at a 30° angle at night, no bending further than the waist and no heavy lif